• the price for the meeting must be fully paid immediately after the my arrival, in cash. Please, be so kind as to have everything prepared
• in order to arrange a meeting with an companion out of my country you don’t need to pay any deposit or fee – the only prerequisite is to buy  an electronic return ticket
• our meeting is not confirmed in case the ticket is only booked. A return ticket must be paid in full, I will check it on time and 24 hours before departure.
• in order to arrange a meeting with me out from my city (in case that I have to travel by bus, car, train...)you have to provide paid transportation or send a 100,- EUR for transport, deposit in advance
• if the meeting is to take place outside Slovakia, it must be confirmed 24 hours in advance in order to give the girl enough time to arrange private matters and prepare for the trip
• prices are not include travel costs, taxi, accommodation, food etc – this must be arranged and paid by the client

Im really sorry but as I have had previous bad experiences I need you to respect this condition, otherwise I will leave from the meeting.